• Interior Design - From adding on an entirely new space to furniture placement to picking out fixtures and furnishings, K. Ellis Interiors provides beginning to end consultation for new construction and remodeling projects of all shapes and sizes.  We work with architects, contractors, and tradespeople to make sure your vision becomes your unique reality.  

  • Redesign - If you simply want to make better use of what you've got,  K. Ellis Interiors can devise a plan to completely reinvent your home. From more effective space planning to inexpensive touches like window treatments, accessories, paint and area rugs, we can help you repurpose your look without reinventing the wheel.

  • Staging for resale - Nothing sells a home faster, or at a higher purchase price, than enabling potential buyers to see themselves living there.  K. Ellis Interiors can help show your home like a dream by lettings its best attributes shine through.  

The Process:  K. Ellis Interiors likes to get to know clients on an individual basis.  We start with a phone interview to determine what your needs are and if we are potentially a good fit for you.  We then move to a 1 hour in-home or on-site consultation.  A $125.00 non-refundable fee will be charged at that time. Both you and K. Ellis Interiors then decide the best course of action.  If you are ready to get started, K. Ellis Interiors will provide a contract outlining the scope of services needed and a hourly fee range based on $125 per hour to accomplish the job, which can include finding a qualified contractor that is right for you if needed. It will not include actual contractor or tradesmen costs, only K. Ellis Interiors hourly fees. Once a range is set, K. Ellis Interiors will not exceed those hours without the express consent of the client.  This happens only if the scope of services drastically changes and you and K. Ellis Interiors will be in full agreement before those hours are exceeded.  Upon signing the contract, a 50% deposit on the hourly charges will be due. 


If you are not quite ready to get started, K. Ellis Interiors will provide a design directive or an action plan for your dream to become reality.  A fee of $250 (2 hours) will be charged for this service.  You can use this plan as an a la carte menu of sorts to pick when and what you would like to see happen in your home.  

Bottom line - K.Ellis Interiors is here to provide you with an easy path to the home you dream of.  We want to create a difference that is uniquely you...

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